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Being able to learn from the other companies in the space has allowed us to develop new skill sets and identify trends much faster. Plus the neighbourhood is awesome” 

Dustin Sproat
Co-Founder and CEO Shnarped

Teams at The Cranium share something special. They have overcome product challenges, financial challenges, market challenges, partnership challenges, customer challenges, and traction challenges. They are now ready to scale and depend on the office collaboration to get the resouces they need for their next phase of growth. Be part of our innovative collaborative environment and culture...oh and these are the cheapest team workstations in Vancouver!

Our workstations and space have been created to provide the most comfortable, flexible and collaborative environment possible for those long coffee fuelled hours. The space has great internet and will never be overcrowed. There are also plenty of places for you to have your stealth meetings and phone calls without disruption. Register to get on the waiting list.

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