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Our 3200 sq ft space supports start-up teams of 4 to 12 that are ready for a committed work space, but still want the flexibility and ecosystem associated with a shared startup office. 


Building a startup is a marathon, with a series of climbs and descents on the path to a vision. Surrounding your team with the right entrepreneurs, advisors and partners is the difference between scaling the next peak or losing traction on descent. The people and their experience is what makes The Cranium great.


The startup ecosystem has been overrun by unnecessary features. Teams at The Cranium are done toying with features and are focused on building revenue generating businesses. The next phase of growth will be reached through distribution channels, partnerships and sales. The Cranium is connected with business development veterans to support company growth.



Meaningful connections are essential to the success of startup founders. At The cranium we invite teams that not only inhabit but contribute to a vibrant ecosystem. We encourage our teams to share their stories, challenges, and opportunities to cross chasms. The Cranium teams don't just rent a space they are members of a community where they can network and grow.

From a committed space for your team to relevant workshops and events, The Cranium has it covered. Full membership starts with a committed desk / chair, high speed internet, full kitchen, phone room, meeting rooms, board room, storage, projector, and shower. The Cranium is continuing to evolve in order to attract the best teams and provide them with an environment where they will be effective.

“The Cranium has been a great collaborative environment for me to manage and build my business. All the founders her are focused on building real tech businesses, not startups”

Ramona MacLeod
Founder & CEO Big Mama




✔  8:30am to 6pm

✔  Kitchen 

✔  Wifi included

✔  Up to 15 pp



Free Week Of CoWorking

✔  24h access

✔  Full amenities

✔  Wifi Included

✔  Dedicated desk

Walk Through



Walk Through

✔  Thurs - Saturday

✔  Kitchen 

✔  Wifi included

✔  Up to 100 ppl



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Walk Through

Free Week Of CoWorking

✔  24h access

✔  Full amenities

✔  Wifi Included

✔  Dedicated desk

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308 E. 5th Ave, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5T 1H4

Who We Are

Keir Reynolds:

Keir is a fundrasing specialist and business builder. He has more than a decade of experience in corporate development and finance with the Canadian capital markets. In October 2012, he founded LX Ventures (TSXV:LXV) a uniquely-positioned company that allows investors of all sizes to gain expossure to the high growth technology startup sector.

J. Alex Mason, MBA:

Alex is a business model strategist and global entrepreneur. He has worked with companies in both developed and emerging markets, to create a clear message for stakeholders. These clients include global business leaders and key government officials in the media and mining space. Delivering a quantifiable increase in followers, investors and capital by implementing innovative and fluid commuications strategies. 


Being able to learn from the other companies in the space has allowed us to develop new skill sets and identify trends much faster. Plus the neighbourhood is awesome” 

Dustin Sproat
Co-Founder and CEO Shnarped


Phone: 778-707-2114

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